Start of a Journey


As a young girl, I remember admiring the American kids and youth proudly wearing shirts and clothes with the name of their school on. Being French, we didn't have any of that. We didn't have uniforms. At Church when we would go on weekends, conferences, or camps, we would not have the opportunity to have cool clothes with the theme of the event on. 

I wanted that for us too. I was longing for the same thing the others had. I was longing for a brand that would become a movement. A brand looking just like me. 

When I first started touring, this dream became more and more vivid. I would dream at night of a generation of youth and young adults having the opportunity to wear a Christian brand that would be cool, but not wordly. I wanted a brand that these young aduld would find cool and not feel ashamed to wear on the street, a brand that even non-believers would find and recognize themselves in. 

Because, God is for everybody. He loves everyone. We don't need to be Christian to love God. 

And that is what Positive Wave is: a brand anyone can recognize themselves on that gives Faith, Hope, and Love everywhere. We hope and pray you recognize yourself through our product.

Let's chase the world!